Seduced by the illusory simplicity of Kakigori, in 2013 I initiated a Kakigori project together with Ivana Kralikova, in which we created Japanese kakigori in a Swedish context. Sweden contains very few poisonous plants and yet much of the flora overlooked or underused. Rullator officially shaved its first ice on Friday 13th of June 2013, and ended on July 25th, 2014.


Inspired by how ice was shaven and served in the Meiji period, the ice we made was served on Korikoppu — glassware dedicated mainly to serving Kakigori. The porcelain Korikoppu we created was an ode to the glassware of the Meiji period. The machine we used, a hand-cranked Hatsuyuki, is a design introduced during the Meiji period and which has remained virtually unchanged due to its simple functionality.


Our project took the form of a pop-up shop and event simultaneously. We made our own ice, toppings and syrups. And for every event we created new toppings which would never be repeated. Aside from local produce, we fell back on Japanese influences, which enriched our exploration of toppings, themes and food for kakigori.

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