I'm engaged in editing and promoting African comics. Africa has a huge diversity of comics, but I believe that many Sub-Saharan comics share something that differentiates them from existing comics genres and language.


Colour newspaper anthology (16 Artists, 7000 copies)
Cover: Sérgio Zimba
Guest editors: Jonah Sack, Rui Tenreiro
Editor: Tommi Musturi
Design: Paulina Mäkelä
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COMICS BY: Jonah Sack (South Africa), Luntu Vumazonke / KIF (South Africa), Koffi Roger N’Guessan (Ivory Coast), Mongo Sisé (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Philip Ndunguru (Tanzania), Michael Maqungo (South Africa), Sérgio Zimba (Mozambique), Mark Kannemeyer (South Africa), Motshumi Mogorosi (South Africa), Jimga Jimoh Ganiyu (Nigeria), Sunday Mgakama & Sanna Hukkanen (Tanzania/Finland), Theophil R. Mnyavanu (Tanzania), Nicko Odinyo (Kenya), Ree Treweek (South Africa) and Joanne Bloch (South Africa). TEXTS BY: Christophe Cassiau-Haurie asks ‘What makes an African comic?’ while South African Sean O’Toole gives us ‘An Imperfect History’ of South African comics.


An Anthology of South African Stories.
Black & White, Colour
124 Pages / 8 Artists
Cover: Michael Maqungo
A project by Rui Tenreiro
Field Editor: Jonah Sack
Design: Yun Yu

UHLAKANYANA is an anthology of South African stories. All artists share a specific quality in their artwork: strong and simple line work has been a red thread in this project. COMICS BY: Mogorosi Motshumi, Lorcan White, Jonah Sack, Joanne Bloch, Chris Mabena, Michael Maqungo, Jean de Wet, Joe Daly.