An Anthology of South African Stories.
Black & White / Colour
124 Pages (8 Artists)

A project by Rui Tenreiro.
Field Editor: Jonah Sack.
Design: Yun Yu.

This anthology was the first expression of a project which I called UHLAKANYANA {Tumblr Page}.

I believe that, like the Japanese or the Belgian (ligne claire) styles of drawing, the African drawing seems to have its own aesthetic and its own rules. The aesthetic I’m focusing on here is one that may seem naïve or mediocre, but which is far from that. It has a refined quality that contains a strange beauty. It’s an acquired taste.

UHLAKANYANA is an anthology of South African izinganekwane. Not all of them fit into the aesthetic sensibility mentioned above but all artists share a specific quality in their artwork: strong and simple line work has been a red thread in this project.

Cover art: Michael Maqungo
Artists: Mogorosi Motshumi, Lorcan White, Jonah Sack, Joanne Bloch, Chris Mabena, Michael Maqungo, Jean de Wet, Joe Daly.


For now the book can only be bought personally from me, at book fairs where I will participate. Follow my blog for info on book fairs I'll take part in.